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Sunday the 25th August was a bit hot and a bit gusty. But not as hot as it has been.
The recent rains have also turned our field nice and green again.

We had to repair some grubs/skunk/crow damage, that is the brown spot on the south east end of the field, but the field is in great flying shape now.

We packed the damage back down with my Pickup, if the damage returns we may have to do an organic treatment to get rid of the Grubs. The Crows, Turkeys and maybe Skunks are trying to do this for us but they don't rake the soil flat again and compact it back down.

A bunch of us braved the gusts, I even maidened my Hawk after extensive repairs, it flew great but I only dared one flight. Don shot some video of my flight with his tiny action cam. I will see if he has a copy to share.

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Preparing for the Hawk Re-Maiden Flight.
Photo by Don
Video next week…

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Video from a tail heavy flight with the Tigermoth.
I put the Mobius cam on the horizontal stabilizer and it really shifted the CG on this generally benign biplane.
I should have known the handling would be different.
I had fun chasing Don around for a while, as long as the speed was up it flew pretty well, just really needed nose down all the time.

After Don landed I goofed around a bit. And then did a low slow pass at the runway, I then realized I may have a problem here. It took full elevator down to stay level at just above stall speed. I did a test stall, yep the left wing dropped quickly.

First approach went pretty well a few S turns to loose altitude with speed up. Then just as I thought I had it I was pushed sideways by a gust and had to go around. I thought this is going to be intense as I had to keep blipping the throttle to get the nose down.

You have to watch the whole video or cheat and just watch the end to see if I crash and burn or pull it off.

I love this Tiger, never a dull moment flying RC, that is probably why we do it.

The next time I will add weight in the cowling when I tail mount a camera on a light model again, most models like the P51 could care less about a measly few oz in the back, the Tiger not so much.

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