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The first MWVRCC meeting of 2017 is set for Sunday April 30 at 11:00 AM at Hubble Field.This will also be spring cleanup and repair day Starting at 10:00 AM.

The Rain Date is the following Sunday May 7. Meeting starts at 11:00 AM, but the workday starts at 10:00 or earlier to put up the shelter for the meeting etc.
We will put up the tarp over the shelter, rake out the mud puddles and repair the stands and tables as necessary. Possible build some more stands as well.
We will have a generator and some power tools for this as well as hopefully our new Club Lawn Mower, that was made possible with a donation from the Ed Moore estate last year. We will decide on a mowing schedule at the meeting.
The more members that show up to help the faster we can get to the flying part of the day. We plan to buy Pizza for lunch after the meeting.

We are officially open for the season at Hubble field.

No more indoor flying this season.
The field is in fine shape

Don, Burt a new member and nice guy, Bill and Olof all went to the field today and I had the first flight of the season. Quite uneventful. See the video below.

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There was a bit of snow left on the edges of the field and some mud on the way in, so be careful if you drive in, if we make ruts we have to fix them.

We will announce the Spring work day and first meeting in the next few days. So stay tuned for updates…